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1st Quarter23-24

2nd Quarter 23-24
3rd Quarter23-24

4th Quarter 23-24

Wichita NE 50 years.jpg

Members in photo:  Clifford Normore, Julius Williams, Melvin Ridley, Melissa Wright, Paul White, Phillip Owens

 CONGRATULATIONS to the Wichita Northeast Optimist Club – Celebrating their 50 Year Anniversary!!

Judy Morris, 2023-2024 Governor Designate, of the Kansas District presented Melvin Ridley, Club President, and his fellow club members with the Proclamation. It was signed by Robert McFadyen, President of Optimist International, honoring the club for “50 Years of dedicated service to the community and the children”.

This club is an outstanding example of how active Optimism creates a tremendous positive impact on a community!

They received a letter from Optimist International in recognition of this milestone event as well as a Proclimation signed by Optimist International President,Robert McFaden.


Olathe Noon Optimists say THANKS! 


As an extension of the Kansas District Childhood Cancer Golf Benefit Olathe Noon were the generous recipient of Dutch Bros.Coffee throught heir Buck for Kids Day.  On September 15, 2024 for every drink sold between 5;00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. at their two Olathe Loations, a $1.00 will be given to Camp Quality Kansas. While the total number isn't yet in, it was a great event, and the employees were well prepared to celebrate the day and greet customers with great smiles and attitude! Thanks to Tim Anglin for helping arrange this event and for supporting kids with cancer and creating more community awareness!

Check them out on Facebook: Dutch Bros Coffee, on Twitter @DutchBros and on Instagram@dutchborscoffee 


Hello Optimist member just a short note from the Derby Optimist Club We wanted to spread the great news about an event that the Derby Optimist Club had on April 11 2023 we invited 16 of our local schools pick their student of the month to the powerhouse where we heard from each school about their students and served them a meal from Hog Wild. It is awesome to hear these wonderful stories of our young students and the great things that they are doing. 

JC Breakfast Optimist Club's Guest Speaker Was a Local Beekeeper

Doug Vogelsang shared some of his experiences working with bees. 

He stated that there are "three types of bees". They include the Queen, drones, and worker bees. Within the worker bees there are scouts, nurses, morticians and others. Bees have three simple eyes, four wings and one stinger. After a bee uses its stinger to protect the Queen, the hive or itself, the bee dies. Queen bees live for three to five years and do not have stingers. A typical hive willhave 40,000 to 60,000 bees in amature hive. 

Mr. Vogelsang also told club members that "one-third"of our food comes from pollination which is a major function of bees. A worker bee will make a fraction of a teaspoon of honey during its lifetime. 

One gallon of honey weighs about eleven pounds. Honey is usually harvested at the end of July or in August. Bees communicate through odors, so when a bee keeper wants to interrupt their communication, the beekeeper uses smoke or sprays a light mist of sugar syrup at or near the bees to distract them so the honey can be harvested. Raw honey which is found locally may be used to counter allergies. Honeybee soap can be used for some skin rashes or irritations.

Doug has been a beekeeper for 40 years. When honey is available to him he sells bottles ofit at the Farmer's Market in Junction City.

Pictured left to right:


The Derby Optimist Club helped with 2 Easter egg huntS one at High park and the other at Idlewild park on April 8 2023. There were lots of kids out for both events one was held at 11 am for the early rises and the other was held at 2 pm both had a golden egg was well with a prize for the child that found the golden egg. The kids were set up according to age groups. All that came out enjoyed themselves. 



Hello from the Derby Optimist Club. We wanted to share some great news our club hosted our yearly oratorical contest we have 10 kids enter the event that was held on March 30 2023. The club s top two were able to attend the 3rd quarter meeting and give their speech with one of the Derby students taking 3rd place. We would like to thank all of the Kansas clubs that hold oratorical contest for the students it is a great way to help them out on their way to college. 

Diana Carlin, District and World Contest Chair welcomed students from Derby,

Lawrence and Olathe to the District Contest on Saturday, April 22nd. There were 5 worthy candidates competing for Scholarships. Ayn Olsen, who attends high school two days a week and is also home-schooled was the 1st Place winner and will compete in St. Louis at the Regional Competiton in July. She was sponsored

by the Olathe Noon Optimist Club. Congratulations to all students who entered the 2023 competition. Many will be able to try again and all did an excellent job!  

Pictured above: Ayn Olsen

Ks. District Oratorical Winner

JC Breakfast Optimist Club Recognizes Resia Muto (5).jpg

JC Breakfast Optimist Club Recognizes Resia Muto

The JC Breakfast Optimist Club has recognized Resia Muto for the Making A Difference For Youth Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize a Geary County resident who has been a volunteer that has had a positive influence on youth and reflects the character represented in The Optimist Creed. Some of those ideals include being respectful to themselves and others in words and actions; being a person of integrity and is respected by others; is enthusiastic about the success of youth and strives to help them be successful and has demonstrated volunteer work that makes a difference in youth as a priority by volunteering for at least five consecutive years.

            Ginger Kopfer, Geary County, Kansas State Research and Development Agent, stated that “Resia has had extensive experience working with youth in 4-H as an Adult Leader for Humboldt 4-H Club; has been Project Leader for Poultry, Clothing Buymanship, Visual Arts, and Foods and Nutrition; served on the Parent Advisory Committee; Geary County Fair 4-H Poultry Superintendent; Assistant Adult Advisor for Geary County 4-H Ambassadors; served on the Planning Committee for Geary County 4-H Public Revue; has been a recent member of the Geary County Free Fair Board; organizes service projects for the Geary County 4-H Dog project members and volunteers with the Junction City Saddle Club that hosts a yearly youth horse show. Resia is a member of the Westview Community Church in Manhattan.    

            Resia has always stressed the importance of giving back to the community.  She has a positive attitude, is creative, builds teamwork and has a warm personality that is welcoming and caring.”

Resia is employed by USD 475 and works at Lincoln Elementary School in Junction City.

            Joe Handlos, Treasurer and Making A Difference For Youth Committee Chairperson coordinated the recognition.


Optimist International Convention 2022 Las Vegas

Annually at the International Convention those attending look forward 

to their special State Dinners hosted by the current Govenor. 

Jeff Bachman welcomed member at the Kansas Night Dinner 2022! 

Past Governor Dinner 2022 - Salina, Kansas

A small group - but rowdy attended the 2021-22 Past Governor's Dinner. They enjoyed telling stories and reuniting with one another and missed those that could not attend

Chili crawl 1.jpg



Governor Jardine shared picture of their club's Annual Chili Crawl. They sell tickets on-line, and sell out within 24 hours! Nice project! 


On May 10, 2022 the SunriseEndowment Association

recognized their 2022 Scholarship Recipients.

Pictured left to right: Jerry Glasgow, Endowment Association President, Timothy Beggs-Bethany college; Kyson Evans-Tabor College; Drew Baxter-William Jewell College andKyle McNorton,

Club President.

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